Sunday, March 18, 2018
IUPUI Competitive Problem Solving Team

Can you paint the plane with red, blue and green inks so that any pair of points 1 inch apart has 2 different colors?

If A is the sum of the digits of the digits of the number 44444444, and B is the sum of the digits of A, what is the sum of the digits of B?


Love solving problems?  The IUPUI Competitive Problem Solving Team needs your help!  We participate in three mathematics competitions every academic year:  the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition (Putnam), the Indiana College Mathematics Competition (ICMC), and the Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest (VTRMC).  There are prizes and scholarships awarded to the winners of the contests – come out and claim yours!   Participation in math competitions is also a great resume builder.  The team is open to anyone (not just math majors) and the only requirement is that you love math and are willing to work hard. 

Interested?  Please contact Dr. Rodrigo Perez for more information.


Phone:  278-6977

Office LD 270C


There is even a class to improve your problem solving skills.  Participants may enroll in MATH 491, attend a weekly seminar, learn problem solving skills, and practice for the competitions.  Seminar time and meeting place TBA.   Note:  You do not need to take MATH 491 or attend the seminar to participate in the competitions nor do you need to sign up for MATH 491 to attend the weekly seminars.

491 Seminar Competitive Math Problem Solving (1-3 cr.) Approval of the Director of Undergraduate Programs is required. This seminar is designed to prepare students for various national and regional mathematics contests and examinations such as the Putnam Mathematical Competition, the Indiana College Mathematical Competition and the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), among others. May be repeated twice for credit.


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